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1. Planning the highest value cutting plan

Intelligent planning leads to increases in work productivity

2. Cutting plan controls harvester

Quality control self-assessment leads to better work quality

3. Production data back to ERP

  • No need for manual reporting 
  • More accurate data from operations
  • Time savings associated with work site navigation

Fordaq.com - Fordaq SA is official reseller of Trimble's WoodForce planning and operation control system. 

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Forest Companies

  • Decreased harvesting costs and decreased average costs in other job types


  • Opportunity to work for several forestry companies
  • Smaller working area
  • Larger cutting sites and cutting site clusters
  • Harmonized processes: No need for company specific devices, applications or training
  • Less time measuring and reporting and more production hours

Field Crews

  • Less manual reporting
  • Worksite navigation
  • Better communication and safety based on online messaging
  • Work security notices

Who Benefits?

Key features

  • Resource and capacity management
  • Work scheduling
  • Operations planning and follow-up
  • Work reporting
  • Quality inspections
  • Integration with Harvester data
  • Integration with Forwarder data
  • Reporting

Plan the harvesting and forwarding according to given guidance.

Fordaq Collaborative Software Solutions

WoodForce is a planning and operations control system for harvesting and forestry silvicultural services

Plan production needs.

Harvesting & Forwarding

Land Management

WoodForce SaaS


Plan harvesting (schedule, cutting plan, contractors,...).

Purchase standing forest.

Send working sites to contractors.

Visibility to plans.

Real-time follow-up.

Integrated Process

Harvesting and real-time follow up.

Dynamic adjustment of plans when needed to fulfill the production needs.


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